Pejman Ben Cohen


Pej is a Trial Lawyer and long-time friend and comrade of Robert Ounjian and of counsel with the Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley law firm.

Early on, Pej broke through the echelons of trial lawyers rising to the top by caring deeply about his clients and justice. He attended Gerry Spence Trial Lawyers College and any trial lawyer training he could find in order to learn the skills necessary to being able to stand in front of juries and fight for justice. What he learned is that being yourself, honest and true is the key to winning. Pej has dedicated himself to the jury trial method of seeking justice for injury victims and their families. He has established himself as a force to be reckoned with not by being a bully, but by having a caring heart and taking the time to learn the stories of the real humans involved in the cases he is entrusted with. Every case that others label with a file number or case name has at least one human story that often never gets heard and more rarely is ever told. Pej works to learn the human stories of each client and their families by spending real time with them in their homes and also by being empathetic to the Defendant who often is a victim of a greedy insurance company or corporation that has chosen not to fairly pay what is due and instead uses the insured Defendants as pawns who end up sitting in front of a jury that is never told that the true Defendant calling the shots and mastering the defense strategy is an insurance company and hired insurance defense lawyer.

By handling cases in the category of catastrophic injury, wrongful death, workplace abuse and discrimination, and taking cases against the ever so powerful insurance industry, Pej has been recognized by the Million Dollar Advocates Forum, named as a Top Attorney in California at the age of 38, distinguished as a Super Lawyer, named as a Leader in Personal Injury Trial Law in 2012, recognized by Newsweek Magazine for his results in 2015, and named within “Top 100 Lawyers Nationwide” by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Most importantly, Pej has the trust and recognition of the people he has stood up for and they can tell you how he helped change their lives.

The thing about Pej is how he aggressively litigates his cases through caring nurturing methods. He is honest with his opponents and is known as being afraid of nothing because he embraces the truth whether it good, bad, or ugly. His belief is that every case and every human life has different shades and nobody is perfect. The way that opposing lawyers and insurance companies often win is by exploiting that which people want to hide or minimize. Pej doesn’t fear the truth and by being honest with juries his results are extraordinary. The only perfect case is that which we are honest about. He doesn’t brag about the results he has achieved and humbly tells people when asked that he does his best to get people what they deserve and when you ask him about his multi-million dollar wins, he will respond by telling you money is hardly ever enough to fully compensate people for the devastation they suffer but thankfully we have a civil justice and good people willing to serve as jurors in our country that sometimes get the opportunity to help balance things and provides justice that makes up for part of what has been negligently taken away, hurt, or destroyed.

Being a Trial Lawyer means more to Pej than just making money. While taking more cases to trial than 90% of those who label themselves with the title of Trial Lawyer because he does not sell his client’s out cheap for quick pay days (as sadly happens every day in our system because of the fear and unfair odds that exist when standing up against the insurance companies), Pej does more than just being a dedicated Trial Lawyer in doing good work for our communities. Based on how his parents raised him and his own personal experience coming from a war torn country at the age of 2 years old, Pej deeply believes that giving back and helping people we don’t know and never will know is part of being a good human. He calls it selfless giving and he does whatever it takes to pull time and money out of his own life and donates it to public charities. He does pro bono work when he is asked without hesitation, was one of the founders, and in fact served as the Second Founding President of the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers Charities, where Pej has since continued to serve on the Board of Directors committing his heart, own money, and time to working to helping those who are in need of education, healthcare, and victims of homelessness.