Mission Statement

Mission Statement By Nick Rowley

Mission-StatementThis is our moment in time to make a difference and to do it differently than ever before; to create a team of warriors for justice that is so unique and special and which is based on camaraderie. Together we have the power and resources to create great change in our justice system.

We have been envisioning the creation of a band of brother and sister trial lawyers for many years now. We share a connection as being born and raised as trial lawyers at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College and also were both trained by the United States Government to fight for and protect those who were unable to fight for themselves. As trial lawyers and dedicated teachers of the arts and science of Trial Law we are committed to fighting for life, liberty, and basic fundamental freedoms. Both through our service in the Armed Forces and since then as trial lawyers, we swore oaths to fight against tyranny. Sadly, tyranny exists as a great power and injustice in our Justice systems and it has been getting worse. As trial lawyers we are the last line of defense and our numbers have been withering. The right to a jury trial is supposed to be fundamental, guaranteed by our Federal and State Constitutions, yet our leaders have allowed this right to be eroded. We ask you to join us in full scaled assaults against our common enemies to fight for the rights of people against corporate and insurance company greed, government oppression, and the exploitation of victims and families. With the sponsorship of CZ&R and formation of our special ops trial team we are banding together to battle on the front lines and show our common enemies that we can try just as many cases as they can, and that we have the arsenal to do it with. We expect our team will grow and get stronger each year. In addition to trying cases, our team will also be providing monthly training for those willing to learn, who will thereafter be eligible to join the team and hopefully grow and create their own branches and trial teams.