Angela Bruno

Angela Bruno is a trial attorney with a private practice, BRUNO | NALU, in Newport Beach. Angela graduated summa cum laude from UCLA in 2001 and UC Hastings College of the Law in 2007. With an economics major, Angela joined one of the prestigious Big Five accounting firms in downtown Los Angeles.

After three years in the business sector, she yearned to directly help people and went to law school.While at Hastings, Angela studied the art of communication with the focus on negotiation/mediation. She used her skills to ultimately win the 2007 Regional Mediation Competition (Seattle, WA) and 2007 National Mediation Competition (Washington, D.C)—a national competition among the top law schools. Due to her success, Angela was offered and accepted a position in Rome, Italy, to work on projects with the European Union.

Angela’s background in negotiation/mediation allows her to takes a holistic approach to cases. She now uses her negotiation skills to pick the jury, prepare witnesses and develop case themes.

Upon returning from Rome, Italy, Angela accepted a position with a boutique firm in Encinitas, where she gained invaluable experience as a civil litigation attorney. Over the years, Angela continued to maintain a client focused approach and became well known as a fearless courtroom advocate who has the experience of more than 50 trials. She will be a graduate of Gerry Spence’s full length Trial Lawyers College in October 2015.

In 2014, Angela started her firm with her husband, Keith Bruno. The two found immediate success after settling a case in mediation (for $100,000 more than asked in the referring attorney’s mediation brief ) during their first month as partners. Two months later, they tried their first case together and brought in a large verdict in a case with no surgery recommendations, one epidural and one trigger point injection, and no treatment for almost two years prior to trial.

Angela is dedicated to the jury trial method. She is speaking at the Belli Seminar in San Jose in October 2015 to discuss the unconventional trial strategies that have resulted in repeated successes in the courtroom.

You can contact Angela by email at or her cell (310) 741-2136.