Special Ops Trial Team

Special forces units emerged in the early 20th Century as we now know them. The history of special forces, however, dates back thousands of years and can be found throughout the writings documenting and telling the stories of warfare all throughout the world.The common goal of special operations units has been to achieve disruption and sabotage of enemy forces by using a few to save the lives of many.The time has come for special units to emerge in the trenches of civil litigation to win the ongoing battles against the defense industry (insurance companies, big corporations, HMO’s, and the government).

It is well known that there are not enough trial lawyers and our numbers are decreasing. The few trial lawyers committed to the jury trial method are overwhelmed, limited with the cases they can take on, and also getting old. Many law schools don’t teach trial skills but instead focus on ADR. The insurance companies and other defense industry players know our limitations as lawyers for consumers and many have decided to push cases to trial which should be settled. Effectively, our enemies have lowered the value of human tragedy and loss, cheapening the justice victims and families achieve.We have decided to take some very big steps to change this and, in doing so, have formed a specialized trial unit. Our goal is to get more cases tried, and also to train and arm more licensed attorneys to become real trial lawyers for people.

Each of the lawyers on our trial team has had a minimum of fifteen jury trials, has completed Gerry Spence’s full length Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming and/or been personally trained by Nicholas Rowley. Combined, our team has the experience of more than 750 jury trials and over a billion dollars in verdicts and settlements.