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Nicholas Rowley Profiled On Cover Of Lawyer Monthly Magazine

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Nick Rowley, partner at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley and founder of Trial Lawyers for Justice, was recently profiled on the cover of Lawyers Monthly Magazine and featured in a 4-page interview within the publication.  The interview focuses on Rowley’s successful track record of winning cases, but also asks tough questions about losses in court, how he handles emotional and gut wrenching cases, and what he would change in the legal industry.

“Remember who you were before law school, the human beings you were raised to be before you had to read tens of thousands of pages of legal ‘mumbo jumbo’. The law is important, but it exists so there can be justice. It is our job to breathe life and humanity into the law so that there can be justice,” said Rowley in the interview.

To view the publication online and read the full interview, click here to download a PDF version.  

Attorneys Pejman Ben-Cohen & Haytham Faraj Featured As Most Influential Minority Attorneys

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Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley attorneys Pejman Ben-Cohen and Haytham Faraj were recently featured by the Los Angeles Business Journal on their list of Most Influential Minority Attorneys.  The list, which is published annually by the publication, seeks to recognize minority attorneys in all areas of expertise.

To read the full publication and learn more, click here to download a PDF excerpt of the feature from the Los Angeles Business Journal.

Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley Honored With Four Category Wins at the ACQ5 Global Awards

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Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, a personal injury law firm with offices throughout California, recently won four awards at the 2017 ACQ5 Global Awards. The law firm was named the Personal Injury Firm of the Year in CaliforniaMedical Malpractice Law Firm of the Year in California, and Road Traffic Law Firm of the Year in California. Nick Rowley, who is a partner and attorney at Carpenter, Zuckerman, & Rowley, also won ACQ5 Trial Lawyer of the Year in California.

The ACQ5 Global Awards honor those that have had a great impact on their industry during the previous calendar year. Everyone that is nominated for an award is considered a leader in their field, but the awards are only given to those who have made an exceptional difference in their line of work.

“At our firm, we work tirelessly to hold negligent parties accountable and recover fair and just compensation for our clients,” Rowley says. “It is an honor to be recognized for our efforts to seek justice on behalf of the injured.”

“There are many talented lawyers and successful law firms in California, so we know how stiff the competition was in these categories,” Rowley continues.

“It is a privilege to work with our clients and help them through some of the most challenging times in their lives,” Rowley states. “We look forward to competing for many more ACQ5 awards in the years to come and continuing to fight for the rights of the injured.”

33 Jury Trial Wins In 2017

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Once again CZR has kept its promise as a leading law firm committed to preserving and further developing the jury trial method of achieving justice for injury victims and families.  CZR shows up for trial when the insurance industry and government refuse to pay.  With 33 jury trial wins in 2017 totaling $182,252,739.67, the trial lawyers at CZR are leading the way for the trial lawyer community and is of the belief that raising the tide for one benefits all.

Court Case (P v. D)Verdict AmountVerdict Date
Blaylock v. Shchwartz Family Holding$131,000,00011/1/2017
Pellock v. Mississippi$10,000,0009/10/2017
Beltran v. Home Depot$8,500,0003/16/2017
Mena v. Perlman$7,100,0009/28/2017
Lopez v. Rich’s Nightclub and XL Staffing$6,500,0008/1/2017
Martin v. Avalon Bay Communities, Inc.$3,000,0007/26/2017
Dixon v. Hunziker$2,548,2444/5/2017
Avila v. Gabriel$2,375,0002/28/2017
Hojjaty v. Zakeri$2,265,0004/6/2017
Frank v. COSTCO$1,500,0005/3/2017
Dombrowski v. Morton$1,384,876.127/31/2017
Avila v. Torres$1,275,0002/28/2017
Hernandez v. LAUSD$825,0009/15/2017
Park v. Oh$500,00012/6/2017
Franks v. Kosecki$465,0003/3/2017
Brown v. Germain$450,0009/24/2017
Ayala v. Super A Foods, Inc.$412,225.528/16/2017
Anguiano v. Home Depot$367,806.923/8/2017
Di Pietro v. Jerrols$234,871.512/1/2017
Cobb v. D’Elia$195,959.767/13/2017
Rivera v. Superior Grocers$191,902.422/2/2017
Hickland v. Smith Fischer$166,643.667/28/2017
Kazemi v. Messmer$150,0004/25/2017
Myung v. Washington$133,0006/17/2017
Cortez v. City of Long Beach$116,00011/22/2017
Lodwig v. Tan & Tan$114,552.931/19/2017
Jauregui v. Walgreens$104,8007/21/2017
Wagner v. Pulido$100,0001/12/2017
Mehrabanian v. Lansing Empire$91,122.945/15/2017
Katz v. Brown$70,00012/14/2017
Strykowski v. O’Loughlin$47,2008/8/2017
Marinovic v. Serrano & Maguin$45,00012/6/2017
Wilson v. Ditzel$23,533.892/14/2017