Why It’s So Hard to Prove Medical Malpractice Cases

Victims of negligence are entitled to compensation for their injuries. But unfortunately, many victims never recover the compensation they deserve. No personal injury case is ever considered an “easy” win, but this is especially true for medical malpractice cases. Medical malpractice is one of the most complex areas of personal injury law—mainly because it is… Read More

What Should I Do After A Slip and Fall in a Restaurant?

Slip and fall accidents can happen practically anywhere, on both private and public property. Many of these accidents occur in restaurants, mainly because these spaces are typically crowded with people and tables. Guests are also at a higher risk of slipping and falling on a wet floor since servers and patrons often spill their drinks… Read More

Who is Liable For Accidents Involving Rental Trucks?

Rental trucks and commercial trucks are much more difficult to operate than standard passenger vehicles because of their size and weight. However, drivers must pass certain tests in order to legally operate a commercial truck, and this is not the case when it comes to rental trucks. Anyone with a valid driver’s license is allowed… Read More

Steps to Take After A Boating Accident

The U.S. Coast Guard reports that there were 4,291 recreational boating accidents in 2017 alone. These boating accidents caused 658 deaths, 2,629 non-fatal injuries, and over $45 million in property damage. Sadly, many of these boating accidents were caused by the operator inexperience or negligence, which means they could have easily been prevented. Based on… Read More

Can I Take Legal Action After An Accident With A Self-Driving Vehicle?

Thousands of car accidents are caused by distracted driving, judgment errors, driver inexperience, and drowsiness every year. All of these causes are considered forms of driver error, which accounts for about 94% of all traffic accidents. Because driver errors are responsible for most traffic accidents, many people believe that the streets would be a lot… Read More