Jake Cohen

Jake Cohen’s career is dedicated to fighting for the under-dog. Growing up in low income housing projects in a rough Los Angeles neighborhood, Jake regularly watched people judge his mother while she struggled to make ends meet. Jake worked his way through high school and college, as a personal trainer, server, and bartender, among other jobs. He often worked 80 hours per week. Jake obtained a full scholarship to Thomas Jefferson School of Law and graduated cum laude.

Hard times in those early years fostered Jake’s empathy for people who have suffered injustice and misfortune at no fault of their own. It has engendered a deep respect for people who have to work long hours at difficult jobs to keep their families afloat. He knows personally how an injury to a family member can devastate the entire family. As an associate at Carpenter, Zuckerman and Rowley, Jake has applied his warrior attitude to fighting for injured individuals who are being mistreated by insurance companies looking to take advantage of them in their time of greatest need. His passion for justice drives him to work relentlessly on his clients’ behalf.

In addition to practicing law, Jake has worked as an after school coach for the Los Angeles Unified School District with children in difficult, crime-ridden neighborhoods. He has also volunteered for the National Lawyers Guild, Family Justice Appellate Project, and the Environmental Law Society, among other public interest groups.

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