When Slip and Fall Accidents Go Beyond a Clumsy Mishap

Let’s face it, we all have klutzy tendencies. We might trip over shoes left in the hallway at home or bump into the corner of a desk at work. On the other hand, slipping and falling at a supermarket because the floor was wet or tripping over an unmarked step and falling down at a gas station is usually the result of something far worse than being clumsy. Negligence is often identified as the root cause of several types of accidents, including trip and fall accidents at public buildings and various types of businesses.

Slip Fall LawyersWhile it’s easy to assume that slipping and falling or tripping and falling wouldn’t result in injuries serious enough to require medical attention, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Obviously, every slip and fall accidentis different. However, in a lot of instances, a person will fall down multiple steps along a staircase, hit their head with great force from a fall, fall onto a hard surface, or even fall on top of a sharp object. Some of these events can happen all together, and even when they don’t, a person can suffer serious injuries that may require months, if not years, of medical care, treatment, surgery, and rehabilitation. Individuals involved in trip and fall accidents have been known to sustain broken bones, torn ligaments, lacerations, head injuries, spinal cord injury, and even brain trauma.

It is the responsibility of every property owner as well as those in charge of managing the property to monitor conditions and respond to any safety hazards within a timely manner. If a property owner is aware of a potential risk or safety issue and chooses not to fix it, or fails to fix it within a reasonable amount of time, this would likely constitute negligence if someone is injured as a result. Whether it’s a slippery floor, a broken step, a missing railing, or another type of obstruction on a piece of property or at a place of business, if a person is injured, they may be able to seek compensation from property owners and/or managers.

Slip and fall accident lawsuits aren’t about pulling a scam. There are legitimate injury claims out there affecting the lives of people and their families who deserve to receive compensation to pay for years of medical expenses and pain and suffering caused by another person’s oversight. Have questions about your particular slip and fall accident? Contact the Los Angeles premises liability attorneys at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley for a free consultation by calling 213-514-8332.

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