What Medical Mistakes during Birth Can Lead to Brain Trauma?

Brain Trauma LawyersMedical procedures and technology for assisting in the birthing process have continually become better during the last several decades. These help make the birth easier for both the mother and child and can help deal with possible complications. However, injuries and difficulties can still be experienced and in the event that a mistake occurs, major trauma and lifelong consequences may occur.

Unfortunately, one of the most common forms of damage that may occur is atraumatic brain injury (TBI) to the newborn. But what forms of medical malpractice could occur during the birthing process? According to BirthInjury.org, the following mistakes could occur during labor and delivery and lead to a TBI.

  • Delayed Delivery: Whether labor must be induced or the birthing process must be sped up, the baby needs to be delivered on time. If it is not, he or she may suffer from a lack of oxygen, or asphyxia. If this goes on for too long, brain damage can quickly occur. All doctors on duty need to be fully aware of the child’s needs and make decisions quickly and efficiently to avoid causinginjury.
  • Delivery Mistakes: Equipment such as forceps and vacuum extractors are used to gently take hold of the baby’s head and ease them out during delivery. However, these must be used with care and by someone with a high level of experience. If not, a simple mistake can lead to a head injury.
  • Post-Birth Care: All newborns must be properly monitored in order to catch any possible damage that may have occurred. If not, injuries can worsen and permanent damage may become unavoidable. Even if no obvious mistake has occurred, safety is a priority.

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