What Are Your Rights for Compensation in a Birth Injury Lawsuit

Birth Injury LawyersHas your child suffered a birth injury due to the mistakes of a doctor or hospital staff? You may be wondering what your rights are. At Carpenter, Zuckerman, & Rowley, our San Diego birth injury medical malpractice attorneys have seen many types of mistakes that lead to major injuries for children. Commonly, brain injuries and brachial plexus damage are the most common forms of trauma experienced, and have the most long-lasting results.

Families can seek compensation from the responsible parties and their insurance providers for taking care of injured children. But what economic damages can be claimed when searching for payment?

  • Lost Future Earning Capacity – Your injured child may be limited in how he or she will be able to work during adulthood. It is possible that they will be unable to work at all. These lost wages can be compensated.
  • Medical Expenses – Both immediately after and possibly during the course of many years, the injured child will need medical care, possibly for surgeries and types of therapy. In any case, this can be a costly experience.
  • Attendant Care – Often, children with permanent brain injuries will be unable to take care of themselves, both in infancy and adulthood. In order to provide for their needs and keep them safe, they will need an attendant who will be by their side every day. Decades-long care can easily rack up the expenses, but is vital to their wellbeing. This care can also be paid for through compensation.

If you believe your child has suffered a brain injury due to the negligent actions of a medical staff, do not wait to protect your rights. Swift action is vital for a successful claim. Contact the legal team at Carpenter, Zuckerman, & Rowley to learn more about how you can protect your child’s future. Our number is (619) 814-9000.

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