Warning Signs of Financial Abuse of the Elderly

California Elderly Financial AbuseIn California, it is common for families to have an elderly family member or loved one live in a nursing home in the hope that he or she will receive only the best care possible. However, many families often find that some nursing home facilities and staff do not live up to such expectations. While many people are aware of the signs of emotional, physical, or even sexual abuse that may occur in a nursing home, there is one form of abuse that is much more subtle, but just as devastating: financial abuse.

Often times, elderly residents must rely on a nursing home staff member or another trusted person to help manage his or her assets, including money, property or other valuables. However, this creates a situation in which the elderly person is vulnerable to theft. It may go unnoticed for years, but financial abuse can have serious consequences.

The warning signs of financial abuse include the following:

  • Any sudden changes to the elderly person’s will or trust
  • Large amounts of money withdrawn from the elderly person’s bank account without explanation
  • Charges for healthcare that is not provided
  • Personal belongings go missing
  • Despite the elderly person’s financial situation, he or she is living in poor conditions.
  • Unpaid bills

If you believe your loved one is the victim of financial abuse, please contact the Los Angeles nursing home abuse lawyers at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley. Our experienced team can investigate your case and help win the financial compensation you and your loved one deserve.

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