Twilight Fan Fatally Hit by Car While Camping Outside San Diego Comic-Con

A 53-year-old “Twilight” fan who had travelled from New York to attend Comic-Con in San Diego died on July 9 after being struck by a vehicle while camping outside the convention center. The victim and many other “Twilight” fans had been camping out on a nearby lawn in order to preserve their place in line for a panel discussion about the upcoming movie, according to Reuters.

Reports indicate that many fans had created a line for the discussion, which Comic-Con staff decided needed to be reconfigured. As the line was being adjusted the woman stepped into the intersection in order to preserve her place in line. She attempted to stop herself when she saw an oncoming vehicle, but fell directly into the car and was struck, suffering a head injury that resulted in her death later at a hospital.

The car was driven by a 67-year-old man and police have stated that he may not be at fault because he had a green light. Police are currently investigating the San Diego fatal pedestrian accident and whether staffers may have neglected to take safety precautions that would have prevented the accident. By reconfiguring the line, they may have endangered the crowd and could be held responsible for the death of the woman.

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