Three Los Angeles County Elderly Patient Deaths Result in California Department of Public Health Fining Three Nursing Homes

Three nursing homes in Los Angeles County have received fines from the California Department of Public Health for three elderly patient deaths that occurred in 2010. Based on a Los Angeles Times article, the department determined that poor care caused the deaths at the Fountain View Subacute and Nursing Center in Los Angeles, the Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills, and the Downey Care Center in Downey.

The decision to place a loved one in a nursing home is a difficult one to make and choosing the right nursing home is a whole different challenge in and of itself. Nursing home staff is expected to provide a high standard of care to elderly patients, many of whom are incapable of taking care of themselves due to medical conditions, physical or mental disability, and/or age. When this life or death responsibility is cast aside due to negligence, understaffing, fatigue, or oversight, serious injuries and even fatalities may result.

According to the article, the three nursing homes where three elderly individuals died have been given the most severe citations allowed under California law. Fountain View Subacute and Nursing Center in Los Angeles has been fined $75,000, Motion Picture and Television Hospital in Woodland Hills has been fined $80,000, and Downey Care Center in Downey has been fined $80,000.

The deaths of the three elderly patients were caused by various forms of negligence. The patient in Los Angeles sustained a fatal brain injury after he fell out of his bed and it was established that the man had a history of falls but that the nursing home failed to ensure that he was appropriately supervised. Further, it was reported that no one knew how long the man had been on the floor when he was found. The patient in Woodland Hills was 90-years-old in a wheelchair and suffered from Alzheimer’s. She died after falling down a stairwell, the exact same stairwell where she had fallen down before. The patient in Downey died from a diabetic coma caused by the failure of the nursing home staff to monitor her blood glucose level after being released from a hospital.

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