Television’s Dog Whisperer Sued for Dog-Bite Injuries

Cesar Millan, the famous TV star of “The Dog Whisperer” is facing a civil lawsuit for dog bite injuries allegedly inflicted by a pit bull that was released by Millan’s Dog Psychology Center.

The plaintiff is a woman who works as a critical care nurse in Florida. She allegedly suffered bone fractures, deep muscle and tendon lacerations, and disfigurement in September 2014, just a few days after the pit bull named Gus was released by the Dog Psychology Center.

She claimed that the dog was prematurely released and that this led to her injuries.

The Plaintiff’s Allegations

The injured woman stated in her complaint that the pit bull has a history of vicious attacks and was previously ordered destroyed. Instead, the Dog Psychology Center took custody and control of the pitbull and committed to release the dog only when it was deemed safe for society.

The victim alleged that the Dog Psychology Center released the dog after its owner failed to keep up with its monthly housing payments at the dog center. The dog allegedly still had some 18 months of rehabilitation before it could be safely released.

Dog Psychology Center’s Statement

In Cesar Millan’s defense, the Dog Psychology Center issued a statement that he did not have any contact with the dog and never trained the pit bull. The dog’s owner allegedly removed the dog from the center, against its trainer’s strong advice and objection.

Claiming Compensation for Dog Bite

Injuries from dog attack can be serious and sometimes fatal. In this case, the plaintiff additionally stated that she lost feeling and function in her left hand.

If you sustain injuries in a dog attack, a personal injury attorney can help you obtain compensation for your injuries. Compensation can cover your medical costs for treatment and care, therapy and rehabilitation, lost income, long term disability, and your pain and suffering.

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