Study Finds Doctors Prescribing More Expensive Drugs than Needed

Medical Malpractice AttorneysA new study published by The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports that more than one-third of doctors have revealed that they have prescribed brand name drugs in the past, even when they were not needed. As reported by Money Talks News, these brand name drugs are an often unnecessary and expensive alternative to no-name prescriptions.

But why is this occurring so often?

Many of the 1,900 doctors reviewed by the study said that patients ask them for brand name drugs as opposed to cheaper generic drugs, due to the dependability and trust often associated with these brands. However, prescription of unnecessary brand name drugs was found to occur more often among doctors who had received free drug samples or food from drug companies, or had some form of financial relationship with drug companies.

Researchers with the study believe that the rate is higher than that, as many may not want to admit to committing such practices. Most commonly, brand name prescriptions were given for internal medicine and psychiatry. Choosing name brand prescriptions can easily lead to much higher health care costs, with some name brands four times more costly than non-name brands.

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