Study: Child Television-Related Injuries on the Rise in U.S.

child-hosipital-6614967-300x200Every 30 minutes in the U.S. a child injury incident occurs that require emergency care due to a falling television, according to a new study in the journal Pediatrics. Over a 22 year period, researchers discovered that an average of 17,000 children sustain television-related injuries every year, at a rate increasing by more than 95%.

Despite the rising popularity of flat-screen TVs, older televisions still remain in many households but end up being moved to less safe locations, especially to furniture not suited to hold a television set. Flat-screen TVs still pose a risk of tip-over accidents if they are not properly secured to a wall.

In an effort to reduce the risk of tip-over injuries in children, the Child Injury Prevention Alliance issued the following tips:

Secure all TVs to the wall by safety straps, wall mounts, or L-brackets, depending on the model.
Secure the TV stand or entertainment center to the wall, as well.
Only place TVs on appropriate furniture designed to support a television set. Dressers are the most dangerous piece of furniture to use.
Never place the remote control or toys on top of the TV to prevent children from climbing on furniture to reach an item.
Secure cords from TVs and other appliances out of reach of children.
If your child has been injured as the result of another person’s negligent actions or wrongdoing, you may be entitled to receive financial compensation for the cost of medical care, future expenses, and rehabilitation. Call the San Diego child injury lawyers at Carpenter Zuckerman & Rowley at (619) 814-9000 to discuss your circumstances and learn more about your legal options in a free consultation.

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