Speeding Tow Truck Collides with LA Metro Bus, 1 Dead, 2 Injured

policecar12267621 300x225 Speeding Tow Truck Collides with LA Metro Bus, 1 Dead, 2 InjuredAccording to the Los Angeles Fire Department, a bus driver was fatally injured after a tow truck crashed head-on into the Metro bus at 5:15am in downtown Los Angeles.

Eye-witness testimony and video footage of the bus accident reveal that the tow truck driver sped through a red light as the bus was attempting to make a left-hand turn at the intersection. The truck also knocked out a fire hydrant and then crashed into a 7-Eleven convenience store, causing minor injuries to a store employee.

The 47-year-old bus driver was the only occupant of the bus at the time. She was taken to the USC Medical Center in critical condition, where she later died.

It is estimated that the 43-year-old tow truck driver was traveling at 60mph, about twice the speed limit for that area. He was also taken to the USC Medical Center where he was listed in grave condition.

According to authorities, the tow truck driver did not have a valid driver’s license.

The tragic consequences of a driver’s careless or reckless decisions can be devastating and long-lasting. All drivers are responsible for obeying traffic laws, such as posted speed limits and traffic signals. When a truck is involved in an accident, the trucking company may also be responsible for allowing a driver behind the wheel without a valid driver’s license.

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