Spate of LAPD Auto Accidents Leads to New Driving Violation Policies

It may be shocking to learn that Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) officers are involved in about one motor vehicle accident a day. According to The Los Angeles Times, after an increase of injury and fatality car accidents in California involving LAPD officers, officials have reevaluated the way the department conducts investigations of accidents in which officers are thought to have been negligent or responsible for a serious form of misconduct.

policecar 2412510 300x200 Spate of LAPD Auto Accidents Leads to New Driving Violation Policies

One of the most tragic accidents involving police cruisers over the last few years includes the death of a 25-year-old woman who was killed when an LAPD vehicle broadsided her car without its emergency lights and sirens on and while traveling almost 80 mph.

With the implementation for the LAPD’s new point system, officers are given one, two, or four points based on the severity of the collision and if they were identified as the person at fault. An officer will now be required to attend driver retraining if given three points within a 24-month timeframe. However, if a cop gets five points for car crash violations over a three-year time period, then he or she losses the right to drive for six months. In the majority of LAPD officer vehicle crashes, cops have not been accused of breaches of conduct, rather they are accused of failing to be attentive.

While the main goal of the new LAPD point system is to lower injury and fatality accidents, officials also hope to lower the costs of such collisions. The City of Los Angeles has been responsible for paying almost $24 million in verdict and settlement case results for around 400 LAPD auto accident lawsuits within the last nine years. This doesn’t account for the dozens more that have yet to be resolved.

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