More Signs that Your Child Has Suffered a Birth Injury

newborn baby 233171 2859 300x225 More Signs that Your Child Has Suffered a Birth InjuryThis is the second part of a two-part blog series on birth injury evidence discussing how to prove that your child suffered trauma due to medical malpractice. Read the first entry to learn more about evidence including cord blood.

A skilled San Diego birth injury victim lawyer will know what signs and evidence can prove that a birth injury not only took place, but what was the direct cause of the trauma. However, it is vital that all parents be aware of these signs as well. Doing so can protect their legal rights and help them to seek medical care for a child as soon as possible.

  • Excessive Time for Delivery – While every delivery takes a different amount of time, there are certain time tables that doctors should stick to. If delivery takes too long, oxygen may be cut off to the fetus and cause brain damage. Documents will show how long the procedure took and when each action was taken.
  • Visible Trauma on Infant – Not all damage is internal. Look out for cuts and bruises on the child, as well as irregular behavior and disuse of limbs.
  • Lengthy Recovery Time – Keep track of how long it takes for you or the child to heal from injuries. However, do not wait to seek legal representation until healing is complete, as this may never fully occur.

It is vital to remember that any single one of these incidents may be the sign of greater problems. Should you suspect that your child has been injured during birth, do not wait to take action. The sooner this can be proven, the sooner medical attention can be sought to prevent the effects from worsening. Additionally, this will aid in any legal case that you decide to bring against responsible parties. In any instance, put the safety and health of your child first and stay aware of any possible complications that may have happened.

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