Seizure Suspected in Southern California Restaurant Auto Wreck

Local authorities in the Los Angeles area are suspecting that a driver’s seizure caused a pre-holiday automobile crash at a restaurant in San Bernardino.

Prior to the Thanksgiving holiday, a local couple was dining at a San Bernardino pizzeria when a car came through the wall of the restaurant. The incident, which was captured on camera, showed a sedan crashing through the wall, sending tables, chairs and other debris flying.

Although authorities have not definitely pinpointed a cause of the incident, it was revealed in the ensuing days that a seizure was a contributing factor.

During the busy holiday season, those on the roadways need to exercise additional caution to compensate for increased traffic. Car accidents, though common, can be prevented, especially if drivers exercise additional caution and eliminate negligent behavior while behind the wheel.

How to Handle a Car Accident Situation

While unfortunate, car accidents are not uncommon. However, when they do occur, it is important that you take certain steps that help protect you and the people you love.

The first steps in any car accident scenario are getting driver information and notifying the proper authorities. Even if an accident is minor, with no serious damage or personal injury, it is important to involve the police from the start. A police officer can take statements at the scene to assess the situation and help determine fault. Police statements also help protect you if the other person wanted to change their story down the line.

In addition to involving police, if you have been injured it is recommended that you consult with a qualified personal injury attorney. Because California’s automobile laws are increasingly complex, enlisting the help of an expert attorney can provide a lot of clarity regarding your rights and protections. Attorneys can also advise on cases of negligence, as California is a comparative negligence state.

Negligence is one of the key issues that attorneys deal with regarding auto collisions. In fact, distracted driving continues to be of the primary causes of auto collisions, across the board. From texting and driving, to driving while drowsy, drivers today face a number of dangers when navigating area roadways.

If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident that was caused by the negligence of another, the personal injury attorneys at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP can help. We understand your rights under the law in the state of California, and are prepared to advocate on your behalf for full and fair compensation.

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