Report Reveals Healthcare Industry is the Most Dangerous for Workers

doctors nurses 9955305 300x199 Report Reveals Healthcare Industry is the Most Dangerous for WorkersThe non-profit watchdog organization Public Citizen recently released a report revealing that the healthcare industry has surpassed construction and manufacturing as one of the most unsafe occupations for employees. The report claims that nurses, orderlies, and nurses’ aides suffer more musculoskeletal injuries than workers in any other profession because of an overall lack of regulation of health and safety standards.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the government agency charged with ensuring workplace safety for all employees in the United States, reportedly spends less time investigating hospitals and medical facilities for safety violations.

In 2012, OSHA conducted only one-twentieth the amount of inspections on healthcare facilities as they did on construction sites.

The most at-risk in the healthcare industry are long-term care workers and nursing home employees because they are often required to lift excessive weight when transferring patients and work long hours.

In response to the report, OSHA argued that it simply does not have adequate funding and resources to investigate and enforce safety standards in all work sectors.

The unfortunate discrepancy and OSHA’s limited ability to regulate workplace safety ultimately deprives healthcare workers of the protections the government has promised them.

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