Rear Wheel Side Guards to Protect Pedestrians

The Los Angeles MTA has recently been asked to instal side guards on the rear wheels of their buses to prevent pedestrians and cyclists from being crushed under the wheels of the bus. This ‘call to action’ comes after three pedestrians were killed by New York City MTA bus drivers in 2014 – run over by the rear wheels of buses as they were crossing the street.

The Los Angeles MTA had installed rear wheel side guards on their buses in 2003, but decided to drop the side guards from the newer vehicles in 2012 for an unknown reason.

Bus Accident Injuries

Unfortunately when you live in a big city such as Los Angeles, accidents on public transportation can happen, and not just to the riders but also pedestrians. Bus accidents, including those caused by driver negligence and poor maintenance of vehicles can lead to victims sustaining neck injuries, cuts, broken bones, bruises, and in worse cases, fatal injuries.

Regardless of whether you’re a pedestrian crossing the street or a passenger on the bus, bus drivers and the MTA are required to protect the safety of pedestrians, passengers and those in the nearby vehicles while the bus is in operation.

Bus Accident Lawsuits

If you or someone you know has been struck by a bus and are suffering from their injuries, it is important to seek legal advice immediately. You may be entitled to compensation to pay for things like medical or hospital bills, rehabilitation, lost wages, and pain and suffering. When you are injured because of the MTA or another individual’s negligence, you deserve the financial compensation to which you are entitled.

At Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP in Los Angeles, our attorneys specialize in personal injury cases, including those resulting bus accidents – and we help our clients recover the compensation they deserve.

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