Proposed 100% Tour Bus Fleet Inspection after SF Bus Accident

The double-decker tour bus that crashed into a San Francisco construction site late last year had not undergone maintenance checks, which has prompted calls for stricter regulations on carrier fleet inspections. City officials in San Francisco called the attention of the California Public Utilities Commission to conduct 100% inspection rather than a random sampling of a carrier’s fleet as it is currently required.

An attorney speaking on behalf of the beleaguered tour bus company previously stated that the bus lost control of its air compression brakes shortly before the bus crashed into scaffolding, injuring 20 persons – several seriously.

Tour Bus Accident

The accident occurred on Post and Stockton Streets in San Francisco where an electronics store was being constructed. Eyewitnesses say that the bus appeared to be running erratically and speeding shortly before crashing into several vehicles. The bus hit a bicyclist, several vehicles, and a construction site’s scaffolding which fell on more cars and people, causing serious injuries to 8 persons and other injuries to more than 10 people.

Mechanical Trouble

The bus that crashed into the construction area was a 2000 Orion VI bus, a model that has a history of troubled safety, including 2 fires and other mechanical problems involving air valve and braking problems. Another bus of the same make and model was involved in a prior incident where its undercarriage caught fire after the driver failed to release the brakes.

The reported incidents of mechanical trouble led to the permanent removal of this type of bus from the streets. The bus company that used a tour bus which was known for mechanical defects may be held liable for negligence for continuously operating this type of bus without conducting maintenance checks and procedures upon it.

Other factors that contribute to bus accidents include driver fatigue, driver inattention, and driving under the influence of alcohol or narcotics.

Seeking Compensation after a Bus Accident

If you or a loved one is injured in a bus accident, you may be entitled to compensation.

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