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Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley consistently achieves multi-million dollar record breaking results on behalf of their clients. They’ve assisted their in clients receiving over 50 million dollars in vehicle accident claims alone.

$13.863 million – Accident settlement involving former professional fighter
$4 million – Accident awarded for victim hit by a truck
$2.1 million – Award for homeless victim of garbage truck collision
$2 million settlement – Recovered for senior citizen hit by a vehicle while walking

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Trucking Accident Attorney

Truck Accident Law

Unfortunately, truck accidents are very common.  Due to the large blind spots on trucks, swinging turns, the negligent training of drivers, poor vehicle maintenance, driver fatigue, and other negligence and misconduct, trucks collide with other vehicles and pedestrians all too often..  Truck accidents can be devastating and life-altering experiences for everyone involved, which is why you need an experienced trucking accident lawyer whom you can trust by your side. Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley has successfully recovered millions of dollars for victims of truck accidents; including a $13.863 million settlement for a former professional fighter who underwent two spinal fusion surgeries after his car was struck by a truck.  CZ&R also obtained a $4 million settlement after a jury verdict for a truck driver who was struck by another truck while installing snow chains on his tires.  CZ&R further recovered a seven-figure settlement for a passenger in a car that was struck by a truck which tried to flee the scene.

How Many Truck Accidents Occur Each Year?

Unfortunately, trucking accidents are very common.  The Department of Transportation reports that in 2012 there were 112,908 trucking accidents.  Those crashes caused more than 65,000 injuries and fatalities.  Sadly, California and Texas lead the nation in trucking accidents, and have the have the highest number of fatalities resulting from these crashes. Our dedicated Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can go over all of your legal rights and options with you. Please contact our Los Angeles accident law firm now for a free consultation.

What Causes Trucking Accidents?

Given that large truck operations are heavily regulated by federal, state, and local laws – why are there still so many serious accidents?  These accidents are often attributed to driver error (either truck or other vehicle) due to inexperience, fatigue, substance abuse, and/or other distracted driving; truck driver training and working environment; vehicle maintenance; mechanical failure; environmental conditions; traffic signal failures or road conditions; improper cargo loading; and faulty manufacture.  Because there are so many factors and parties involved, the determination of who is at fault (and whose insurance should pay) becomes a web of finger-pointing. An experienced truck accident attorney becomes necessary to guide the victim to obtaining just compensation for his or her injuries.

Steps To Parsing Out Fault In A Truck Accident

Victims of truck accidents often need to collect many pieces of information to assist them in proving another party is responsible for for the victims’ injuries.  Some of the basic information that is commonly needed includes: police reports, post-collision truck inspection reports, witness statements, photos, and engineering or accident reconstruction reports related to traffic, weather, and road conditions.  The victim will also want to quickly obtain the truck’s event data recorders (EDR) including any  black boxes, on-board computers, and GPS recorders.  Often, a full investigation conducted by experts will be necessary to discover and to prove most causes of liability, such as cell phone use prior to the crash, faulty maintenance of the truck, unsafe working conditions, drug testing results, and violations of the heightened laws and regulations governing to trucks.  Only with a thorough investigation can a victim prove whether a truck carrier, a truck driver, another driver, a truck repair facility, a vehicle manufacturer, or a government is required to compensate the victims for their injuries .

Getting Help after a Truck Accident

Truck accident victims, including other drivers and passengers, often require assistance getting the powerful,well-represented truck companies to accept responsibility for causing these accidents.  Hiring a knowledgeable attorney with expertise in truck accident law and insight into the complicated interplay of laws and regulations governing the industry is critical.  A lawyer experienced in truck law can best prepare a claim or lawsuit to hold the responsible party liable for the trauma and damages suffered from these often-catastrophic accidents. The attorneys at CZ&R recovered $2.1 million for a homeless man who was the victim of a hit-and-run by a garbage truck, which the police refused to investigate, and a $2 million settlement for a senior citizen who, while on her morning walk, was struck by a van and then dragged by the vehicle, among many other successes.

The long-term physical, emotional, and financial effects of a truck accident can be severe. Your attorney will work with you to recover the money you have lost as a result of your injuries.  We will help you provide for yourself and your family down the road. Contact us at 213-514-8332.