Patient Safety Report Gives Failing Grade to UCLA Medical Center

The Leapfrog Group, a nonprofit group focused on healthcare quality, recently issued a report giving an F letter grading to Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center based on its medical performance. The center was one of only 25 hospitals across the country to receive an F, according to The Los Angeles Times.

medical records results 3174859 300x199 Patient Safety Report Gives Failing Grade to UCLA Medical CenterLeapfrog had released its first ever hospital scoring report in June 2012, during which time it did not give failing grades in order to give medical centers time to improve. UCLA officials have responded to the grading by stating that the report did not have a fair grading system and that the death of one patient in 2010 unfairly lowered its ranking from a C to an F.

Leapfrog has stated that its safety score takes into account 26 measures of publicly reported data and that beyond the death of a patient from an air embolism during surgery, UCLA Medical Center scored poorly in several types of patient care. A Leapfrog representative noted that the hospital encountered problems with patient ulcers and leaving foreign objects in patients during surgery.

In total, Leapfrog reviewed 2,618 hospitals nationwide. Of these, 1,468 received an A or B, 1,004 were given a C, and 146 were graded as a D or F. One other southern California hospital, Western Medical Center Anaheim, received an F. The nonprofit group estimates that 180,000 people in the U.S. die every year from hospital errors.

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