National Poison Prevention Week from March 18-24: What You Can Do to Save Lives

poison bottle 169599 300x300 National Poison Prevention Week from March 18 24: What You Can Do to Save LivesIt may not seem like a major risk, but poisoning is actually responsible for about 30 child deaths every year. To help parents, teachers, caretakers, babysitters, and children understand the potential risks of poisoning to prevent injury, illness, and death, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) is working with product safety counterparts in Canada and Mexico for the 50th anniversary of National Poison Prevention Week, March 18-24.At the forefront of the poisoning awareness week is the important role that consumers play in safely selecting, using, and disposing of possibly dangerous products. First of all, consumers shouldn’t assume that child-restraint packaging means child-proof. In addition, consumers should be aware of new and reemerging dangers, like button cell batteries and chemicals that can easily be mistaken as Orange Juice or other drinks to children.The CPSC recommends these three key steps for safety:

  1. Never remove medication and household chemicals from their original, child-restraint containers.
  2. Be sure to keep potentially dangerous products and substances in high locations that are out of a child’s sight and reach.
  3. Keep the national Poison Help hotline number, (800) 222-1222, easily accessible in the event of a poison emergency.

Although accidental poisoning is one of the main causes of harm to children, adults, especially elderly adults, are also at risk. As a preventable injury, poisoning is a tragic event that can be avoided if priority is placed on awareness and safety. Equally as important is for individuals to understand what they should do if they suspect that they’ve been poisoned or believe someone else is poisoned.A San Diego child injury attorney at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley has years of experience protecting the rights of children and individuals of all ages who have suffered harm as the result of another’s negligence or oversight. Committed to helping our clients obtain the compensation they need for medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages, we are armed to win. For more information about your legal rights and how we can help, call 213-514-8332 today.

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