Martin Bernard Springer Second Teacher at Miramonte Elementary School Accused of Inappropriate, Shocking Lewd Acts towards Students

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It was reported on February, 4 by The Los Angeles Times that one female child may be the victim of molestation by two Miramonte Elementary School teachers. It was shocking and devastating enough for students, parents, and members of the community to learn that teacher Mark Berndt had been arrested for 23 counts of committing lewd acts on his students ages six through 10. Berndt was arrested for charges of blindfolding his students and spoon-feeding them semen, among other forms of molestation and lewd behavior. Now, a second Miramonte Elementary School teacher, Martin Bernard Springer, has been arrested for inappropriately touching his students.

image 300x187 Martin Bernard Springer Second Teacher at Miramonte Elementary School Accused of Inappropriate, Shocking Lewd Acts towards StudentsThe student who says Springer touched her leg and thigh inappropriately was transferred to his classroom after her parents complained to the school about a photo taken by Berndt of her biting down on a small cookie with a shiny, light-colored substance on top. The girl’s parents complained to Miramonte’s principal at the time, but the photos and their concerns were disregarded with the suggestion that the photos were probably for a class project.

With the new accusations against a second teacher at the same elementary school that has 150 teachers and administrators and approximately 1,500 students, one of the biggest in the Los Angeles Unified School District, anything short of serious change is unacceptable.

Not only is this abuse inexcusable, but major questions circulate around how long school officials and staff knew about Berndt and Springer’s inappropriate and abusive behavior towards trusting students. In fact, two former students of Berndt have come forward stating that during their 1990-91 school year, they saw Berndt masturbating behind his desk. In addition, a female student reported in 1994 that Berndt had attempted to touch her genitals. No charges were filed despite a detective investigation.

In response to tremendous parent and community protest and uproar, Los Angeles school officials are expected to temporarily replace all staff members at Miramonte. Parents are accusing the school system they trusted of failing to provide their children with proper protection. Most, or even all, of the current Miramonte staff will return to the school at some point; however, they will be replaced by teachers and other staff on a rehiring list.

It has been reported that officials will have the new teachers and staff members ready by Thursday, February 9. When students come back to school, they will be interviewed by the district and a psychiatric social worker will be in every classroom.

Even with these steps being taken, no one can erase the traumatic events that have shaken the lives of innocent child victims of molestation and lewd acts. To ensure that such acts stop once and for all, the Los Angeles child abuse victim lawyers at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley are prepared to represent children of abuse and assist their families in holding responsible parties accountable. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you obtain justice.

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