Los Angeles Teacher Mark Berndt’s Arrest for Student Child Molestation Puts School District in the Spotlight, Raises Several Concerns

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Mark Berndt was arrested on January 30 for 23 counts of committing lewd acts on children – his male and female students, ranging from age 6 to 10. According to The Huffington Post, between 2008 and 2010, Berndt allegedly blindfolded the students, taped their mouths, took photos of them, and spoon-fed semen to them. Authorities have recommended that the children be tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

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Upon first hearing of such incidents, one can only imagine the shock, anger, and devastation the parents of these children feel. According to news reports, parents and members of the community in south Los Angeles are disgusted and outraged that something like this could have happened.

A February 1 Los Angeles Times story reports that a female former student has come forward stating that during her 1990-91 school year as a fourth-grader, she noticed inappropriate and unusual behavior on the part of Berndt. The former student from about 10 years ago also said that school staff had evaluated a complaint made against Berndt during that same school year. She recalls Berndt frequently moving his hands under his desk, near his lap, all while at the front of the classroom where she and other students had noticed a jar of Vaseline at his desk.

A recent MSNBC article states that school officials and law enforcement authorities claim they never got any complaints about the third-grade teacher and there were never any signs that something wrong was happening in his Miramonte Elementary School classroom.

Parents are upset about how long it took for school administrators to inform them of the allegations against Berndt and feel that they should have been notified when the photos were found last year. Once the investigation began, Berndt was fired right away and placed under surveillance. However, parents weren’t told why until this week. Another unnerving matter is, if the woman’s claims of lewd acts that occurred 10 years ago are accurate, then how could the school district have remained silent and allowed Berndt to continue teaching young children?

Although the main focus is on the well-being of the children and even though Berndt is the one being criminally charged, the Los Angeles Unified School District is in the spotlight for being negligent in failing to properly screen teachers, monitor classroom activities, and respond to student complaints.

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