Los Angeles Student Child Abuse by Teachers: How Miramonte Elementary School Scandal Has Shaken a Community

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Ever since the firing and arrests of two Miramonte Elementary School teachers, Mark Berndt and Martin Bernard Springer, for charges of child molestation and abuse, parents throughout the Los Angeles community, and others throughout California and the nation, have questioned the safety of children at school. A recent Huffington Postarticle addresses something that is very difficult, but necessary, for parents to do – talk to their kids about how people they trust, such as teachers, relatives, and pastors, may do things to hurt them. In most instances, it’s common for children to be warned of the dangers of strangers, when in reality, kids are most threatened by abuse from people they trust.

Berndt has been charged with 23 counts of committing lewd acts on his students ages six through 10 and Springer has been arrested for inappropriately touching his students. Berndt was arrested after photos were discovered of children blindfolded in his classroom and being spoon-fed semen. According to the article, an additional 200 inappropriate photos of children allegedly taken by Berndt have been seized by investigators. Berndt taught at Miramonte for 32 years. The state Commission on Teacher Credentialing reports that 365 cases pertaining to allegations of adult sexual offenses in schools were addressed over the course of the last five years ending last June.

One parent said that he spoke with his eight-year-old daughter for about 45 minutes after they watched a news report on the recent teacher arrests that made the Los Angeles Unified School District replace all the employees at Miramonte Elementary School. This parent’s story and the stories of many others reflect the importance of communicating to children how to identify inappropriate behavior and types of potential threats of abuse. The idea is that if you talk to your children about abuse, they can better recognize it and are more likely to report such incidents.

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