Los Angeles Is America’s Dog Bite Capital

In late spring of this year the U.S. Postal Service revealed that the city of Los Angeles was the worst city in the nation when it came to dog bites and attacks. According to their statistics, there were 74 dog attacks involving postal employees in 2014 in the city. This is 13 more dog attacks than the year previous.


A Deeper Look into the Statistics


Over 5,700 letter carriers were victims of dog attacks across the United States last year. Apart from Los Angeles, other cities in our beautiful state also ranked high for dog attacks:


  • Long Beach came in at the 14th worst city in the nation with 27 attacks
  • Pasadena came in at 24th worst city with 16 attacks
  • Whittier ranked the 30th worst with 10 attacks on postal workers


In the greater Los Angeles area and Orange County, a total of 416 postal workers were attacked while delivering letters and packages to homes and businesses in 2014.


Dangerous Dogs: the Breeds Most Accountable for Dog Bites


According to a detailed study which looked into dog bites from 1982 to 2006, pit bulls, Rottweilers, Presa Canarios and mixes of these breeds were responsible for 74% of attacks. However, these are only dog bites which have been reported and required medical attention. Dogs of any size and nature can attack though cause minimal injury, including Chihuahuas, pugs, and Yorkshire Terriers.


The Owner Is Almost Always Liable


In almost every dog bite case, the owner of the dog will be liable for the dog bite.


  • If the owner knew that the dog had a tendency towards biting or attacking (commonly referred to as the “one-bite rule”) then he or she will be liable for the bite
  • A state dog-bite statute makes the owner liable, even if the owner is unaware of whether or not their dog is vicious
  • The owner was unreasonably careless which resulted in injury


However, there may be circumstances where an individual who has suffered a bite may question whether or not they are entitled to compensation:


Does unknowingly entering the property of another individual mean that you are to blame if you receive a dog bite?


What If You Were Wilfully Playing with the Dog and It Bit You by Accident?


The personal injury attorneys here at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP have handled numerous dog bite and attack cases which have resulted in favorable outcomes for our clients. If you have been bitten or attacked by a dog, we invite you to arrange for a free initial consultation to discuss your claim.


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