Lawyer Nicholas C. Rowley Now a Published Author

At the law firm of Carpenter, Zuckerman, & Rowley, we are proud of our new published author, Nicholas C. Rowley.

Attorney Rowley has compiled a remarkable history of trial verdicts, becoming one of America’s great trial lawyers.  He has represented clients in more than 70 jury trials.  In 2012, he completed a 12-month run of back-to-back trials resulting in more than $140 million in wins.

With clients, judges, witnesses, and jurors, Mr. Rowley of the firm Carpenter, Zuckerman, & Rowley, is known for his distinctively human approach.  His new book, Trial by Human, takes its name from that approach. Trial by Human is a deeply personal and passionate treatise.  In it Rowley and co-author Steven Halteman share their “trial by human” method.

Mr. Rowley was born in Iowa and lived the first years of his life on a small farm.  His parents divorced.  At age fifteen he moved out on his own and enlisted in the U.S. Air Force on his seventeenth birthday.  He served as a combat medic and member of a special operations unit whose job was to rescue wounded soldiers and civilians.  He learned about emergency medical care and traumatic brain injuries firsthand.  His focus in the firm of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley is on jury trials.

The “trial by human” approach brings to the courtroom a combination of brutal honesty and humanity.  In Trial by Human Rowley and Halteman illustrate the importance of feeling and understanding the injustice experienced by clients.  You can’t expect a jury to comprehend that injustice if you haven’t taken the time to do so yourself.  Attorneys must step out of the conference room and into the lives and homes of their clients.

Through relating stories of their own trials with brutal honesty, Rowley and Halteman dissect their methods, sharing what has and has not worked for them and the lessons they have learned in the process.  Nick’s approach to trial is unique, “My clients are family to me.  I give them my all.”  Nick takes pride in his ability to help juries discover the truth in order to deliver justice to his injured clients.  His approach to working with client victims and their families is empathetic and caring.

In Connecting with the Jury, a CD & DVD set, Nicholas Rowley demonstrates his unique approach to cases.  You will learn how you can adopt his methods in order to achieve similar success—positive results for your clients.

Connecting with the Jury and Nick’s new book, Trial by Human, can both be ordered online at

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