Keep Your Loved Ones Safe, Look Out for the Signs of Aggressive Dogs

Approximately 4.7 million people every year become victims of a dog bite every year, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). While no one can guarantee that they will never fall victim to a dog attack, there are steps that can be taken to prevent a dog attack to the best of your abilities, keeping yourself and family members safe.

Keep Your Loved Ones Safe, Look Out for the Signs of Aggressive Dogs

Most importantly, being aware of what dogs may be aggressive and willing to attack you or a loved one is the best way to prevent an attack. When coming across a dog, whether they are on the loose or otherwise, be aware of the signs of aggression.

  • Posture: Aggressive dogs act differently than friendly ones. Watch out for increased barking, snarling, snapping, pinned back ears, lunging, curled lips, and attempts to block your path.
  • Surroundings: Understand where the dog is. Dogs at home may try to defend their home from strangers, while animals on the loose may be agitated and more likely to become aggressive. Always be aware of where a dog is in relation to you and whether you may be seen as a threat.
  • Special Circumstances: Even a normally nice dog can become aggressive under certain circumstances. If the dog is sick or injured it may become more aggressive, or if you are near its puppies it may attack out of defense if you are seen as a threat.
  • Irritations: Sudden actions may make a dog aggressive. Even if it is agitated only for a second, the dog may still bite. Do not suddenly wake up dogs, attempt to aggressively take things away, try to scare the animal, or otherwise intimidate or fight a dog, especially one you do not know well.

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