June 17th is National Ride to Work Day for Los Angeles Motorcyclists

 June 17th is National Ride to Work Day for Los Angeles MotorcyclistsIn an effort to increase awareness for motorcycling as a safe and popular form of transportation, June 17 is designated as National Ride to Work Day. The annual event began in 1992 as a fun, informal ride for motorcycle and scooter owners to take to the road together at least one day out of the year. In 2000, the non-profit organization Ride to Work was formed to help organize the event, which has now gained popularity worldwide.

Ride to Work encourages everyone to take their motorcycle or scooter to work on June 17 in order to demonstrate:

  • Motorcycles provide social benefits for riders, such as a sense of community, confidence, and even stress relief.
  • Motorcyclists are not limited to a specific group of people; riders come from all walks of life.
  • More motorcycles or scooters on the road help reduce traffic and parking congestion.
  • Motorcyclists enjoy shorter commutes and use up less gasoline.

Whether you are participating in Ride to Work day or not, the event provides an important reminder that all motorists must share the road and make safety a priority every day of the year.

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