How to Overcome Medical Challenges after Being Injured in a Car Crash

It’s no secret that our current economy is not conducive to being insured. Far too many people don’t have health insurance because they choose to feed their families instead. Does this mean that an uninsured person injured by a negligent driver in a pedestrian accident doesn’t deserve to see a good doctor as soon as possible or avoid going into debt for receiving the medical care and attention they need to recover? Of course not, but another set of challenges present themselves for someone who doesn’t have health insurance who is injured in a motor vehicle collision.

Finding the Right Doctor
After suffering an injury in a car crash, it’s more common than most people realize to not know what do, who to see, or where to go for medical and/or legal help. Even for an injury victim with health insurance, it can still be difficult to know what type of doctor should be seen, let alone finding a way to see a specialist in orthopedics, neurology, or cardiology. Individuals insured under an HMO plan still have challenges to face in that they have to get referrals to see medical specialists from primary care physicians.Paying Medical Bills

Put Time, and Legal Counsel, on Your Side
There isn’t a lot of time to waste when you are suffering from a serious injury. Prolonging the process of getting to the right doctor can cause a medical condition or injury to worsen or even develop into another problem. Fortunately, there are attorneys out there (not many, but they do exist), who can help an injury victim better understand their symptoms, their injury, and the options they have for paying for doctor’s visits, hospital bills, medical treatment, surgery, physical therapy, and other expenses.

The personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley are proud to have a strong familiarly with medicine in order to properly make referrals to our clients for doctors and medical specialists. We also do everything within our power, even dedicating personal time outside of the office, to help our clients surpass financial burdens often associated with seeing the right doctor and receiving adequate medical care. Contact our firm by calling 213-514-8332 today to find out how we can help you. We also welcome you to visit our blog again to read our next post discussing the possible solutions to mounting medical bills and paying for medical treatment.

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