How Can Assault and Battery Incidents be Valid Personal Injury Cases?

Most of us immediately think of car accidents or slip and fall accidents as being handled by personal injury lawyers. However, the scope is much broader.

Just last year, the Los Angeles personal injury law firm of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley obtained a $6,897,000 re-trial verdict for a Long Beach bar fight case in which the plaintiff only incurred $22,829 in past medical expenses. After being punched in the head by a security guard at the bar, the man represented by the firm endured a hematoma, loss of some tissue in the frontal lobe of his brain, and neuron loss on the right side of his brain. Entering his senior year at Berkeley College with a football scholarship, the plaintiff was declared medically illegible to play contact sports and did not return to the football field. Furthermore, the plaintiff suffered cognitive problems that prevented him from completing his college degree.

Assault and battery are considered intentional torts in which personal injuries are inflicted on one individual by another on purpose. A personal injury lawsuit for a victim of assault and/or battery makes it possible for them to obtain compensation for the intentional injuries they have suffered.

Brian Stow, a San Francisco Giants fan, was severely beaten at Dodger Stadium on Opening Day and was only taken off a ventilator to breathe on his own in late July due to the reduced swelling in his brain. According to reports, doctors have performed a lumbar drain on Stow to help lessen the excessive amount of fluid in his brain. The expenses for Stow’s medical care and treatment are staggering, and they will only increase.

So who is legally responsible for assault and battery? If only the answer were so simple. Individuals who are directly responsible for an assault and/or battery are not always caught. This leaves victims and their families not only with the grief of knowing their assailant is on the loose, but also with greater challenges in obtaining compensation for damages associated with their injuries. Depending on the circumstances of a particular assault or battery case, however, the owners of the property where the attack took place could be held liable.

Los Angeles assault and battery lawyers like the ones at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley have the tenacity to conduct thorough investigations so that parties responsible for a victim’s injuries are held accountable. To learn how Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley may be able to help, call 213-514-8332 for a free consultation.

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