Halloween Safety Tips: Prevent Accidents and Burn Injury

Children and adults of all ages look forward to the festivities of Halloween. However, too much excitement can often lead to negligence or overlooking specific dangers. To help prevent accidents and burn injuries, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) released information about how to have a safe Halloween celebration.

One of the most underestimated risks associated with Halloween is the very essence of it – costumes. Even though the federal Flammable Fabrics Act (FFA) makes it mandatory for manufacturers and retailers to make and sell costumes that are flame-resistant, costumes can still catch fire, placing the people wearing them at risk of suffering burn injuries. Costumes and other products that violate the FFA’s rules are recalled to help prevent costume-related burns. The CPSC suggests that consumers who wish to make their costumes at home use fabrics that are flame-resistant, such as nylon and polyester.

Here are some tips from the CPSC related to Halloween costumes and safety:

  • Do not place candles and/or jack o’ lanterns on landings and doorsteps where costumes can brush against the flame.
  • Look for a “Flame Resistant” label when buying costumes, masks, beards, and wigs. These should be made out of nylon or polyester and it’s best to avoid costumes made with baggy sleeves, large capes, billowing skirts, or flimsy materials.
  • Buy or make costumes that are light in color, bright, and clearly visible to drivers of motor vehicles.
  • Decorate or trim costumes and bags with reflective tape, which can be purchased at hardware, bicycle and sporting goods outlets.
  • Make sure costumes are close-fitting and do not drag on the ground to prevent trip and fall accidents.
  • Children should never wear high heels since they could easily fall.
  • Make sure hats and scarves are tied in a secure fashion so they don’t slip over children’s eyes and obstruct their vision.
  • Masks should fit securely, provide proper ventilation, and have holes for eyes to provide complete vision.

Halloween-related accidents and injuries are preventable. According to the CPSC Chairman, “Too often, Halloween make-believe has resulted in real life injury…Fortunately, prevention is simple. Choose flameless candles, flame-retardant materials, and well-fitting costumes to reduce the risk of injury this Halloween.”

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley ask everyone to play their part this Halloween and keep loved ones safe!

Please read the following tips from the CPSC for additional information:

Halloween Accident Injury Prevention

Photo/Tips Courtesy of CPSC

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