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Trial Guides, a leading legal media company, selected SoCal lawyer Nicholas C. Rowley to share his advice on settlement tips.

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Effective Settlement Tips from Nick Rowley
At Trial Guides, we asked our authors how the strategies in their trial books can help you, our readers, increase your settlement offers. We believe this is important because one of the largest plaintiff firms in the country noted a doubling of their settlement offers when they started requiring their lawyers to go to trial every year.
So, as we enter 2015, we wanted to give you one of our favorite responses to this question. Trial Guides author Nicholas Rowley is a 37-year-old lawyer with nearly 100 trials to his credit. Nick has compiled an amazing trial history during his brief career, with verdicts of $74.5 million, $38.6 million, $31.6 million, $17 million, $13.8 million, and more. The following settlement tips come from our recent interview with Nick about how his book, Trial by Human, is a must read for lawyers who settle most of their cases.

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