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Say “No” to cheap settlements and “Yes” to trial by fire Seven- and eight-figure verdicts are truly awesome. The thing is that these big wins are only a very small percentage of the cases being handled in our communities. ‘When I am introduced today, the list of big verdicts is what people hear and it’s… Read More

Nick Rowley Wins $40 Million Verdict Against T.G.I. Fridays / Briad Group

Restaurant Deliberately Served Alcohol to Minors to Increase Profits Resulting in the Stabbing Death of a Restaurant Patron at the Hands of an Underage Drinker. On Thursday, June 18, 2015, lawyers representing the family of a 33-year-old man who was stabbed to death by an underage drinker at TGI Fridays, received a $40 million verdict… Read More

Metrolink Derailment Injures 28 in Oxnard, Ventura County

The Los Angeles Times reported that the Oxnard rail crossing that was the scene of Tuesday, February 24th Metrolink derailment is the 23rd most hazardous in California, according to data from the Federal Railroad Administration. Twenty-eight people were sent to the hospital after a Metrolink commuter train crashed with a tractor-trailer in Oxnard, Calif. on… Read More

CRE Superbug Outbreak in Los Angeles

The attorneys at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley have been closely watching the reports concerning the superbug outbreak at the Ronal Regan Medical Center here in Los Angeles. We are actively preparing to assist clients with their needs for hospital negligence claims. Please see our page for more information. Check our blog soon for more information.

Los Angeles Super Bug Outbreak – Hospital Malpractice?

People trust hospitals to help them regain their health, and doctors take oaths to do no harm. In too many cases, though, patients actually become sicker due to mistake or oversights by medical professionals. Since October 2014, there have been seven confirmed cases and two deaths linked to a deadly drug-resistant bacteria at UCLA’s Ronald… Read More