Attorney Candice S. Klein Celebrates 15 Years at CZR, Welcomes New Family Member

Attorney Candice S. Klein Celebrates 15 Years at CZR

Candice and her fiance, Shawn

This year marks the celebration of my 15th year practicing law.  I love my profession immensely and I am so lucky to have enjoyed all 15 years at CZR.  This year also marks another milestone for me – I am pregnant with my first child.  I am so grateful to work at a firm that appreciates hard work and family values.  CZR celebrates my successes as an attorney and everyone is so excited to welcome my son.  CZR is not like your typical law firm.  In fact, many of us bring our dogs to work everyday.  We believe that creating a comfortable and friendly atmosphere for our employees, as well as our clients, produces a better work environment and allows a sense of ease for clients who may be experiencing a troublesome time in their life. Raising the bar even further, CZR has now made specific changes to my office to accommodate the new addition to my life. The last few weekends were spent soundproofing my walls and changing my clear glass door with an opaque one.  This way, when I bring my son to the office, which I intend to do as often as possible, we will have all the privacy we need.  When I was in law school, I dreamed of a work place where I would be able to perform my job duties AND spend quality time with my child. My dreams are now coming true! – Candice S. Klein, ESQ