Deadly Pedestrian Accident on Seaworld Drive

Recently a red Honda Civic reportedly hit a woman near Seaworld and East Mission Bay Drive in San Diego, California. The pedestrian was pushing a shopping cart at around 8:10 p.m. when the sedan is said to have crashed into her, throwing her in the air. The impact also damaged the sedan’s windshield.

The woman suffered a severe head injury and was immediately transported to the UCSD Medical Center where she succumbed to her serious injuries.

Cause of Accident Still Under Investigation

Police who investigated the accident said that the victim was crossing the street when the car hit her. She was found lying on the street, unconscious, and unresponsive when police arrived. They were able to interview the car driver who stopped and remained at the scene.

Witnesses, as well, were able to give their statements to police, who had not found any immediate evidence of alcohol or drug use in the accident. The investigation is ongoing as police state that the cause of the accident remains unclear.

Claiming Compensation for Pedestrian Accident Injuries

When a car hits a pedestrian in an accident, the resulting injuries on the individual can be serious or fatal. Survivors may suffer from traumatic brain injury and fractures that require extensive medical treatment, surgeries, and long-term rehabilitation for a complete recovery.

When a victim dies of accident injuries, the loved ones may be entitled to wrongful death compensation. Your personal injury attorney can help assess your situation, sort your legal issues and prepare evidence in support of your claims.

Depending on the circumstances of your accident, the amount of compensation may cover:

  • Costs of medical bills incurred and future medical expenses
  • Lost income or wages
  • Rehabilitation and therapy costs
  • Costs of home care, if required
  • Pain and suffering

Representing San Diego Residents

If you or a loved one are involved in a pedestrian accident, you can rely on the law firm of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley to help you recover compensation for your injuries or the death of a loved one. We are one of the largest personal injury law firms in California with offices in both San Diego and Los Angeles.

Our attorneys have extensive experience in personal injury lawsuits, often obtaining the maximum value of compensation for our clients’ injuries. We handle a wide range of cases including birth injury, brain injury, medical malpractice, auto, bicycle, and motorcycle accidents, and slip and fall accidents. We invite you to call our offices today at (213) 514-8332.

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