CZR Wins One of the Largest Ever Medical Malpractice Verdicts in California History

Attorneys Nicholas C. Rowley, Robert J. Ounjian, and Rod Ritner of Southern California-based law firm Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley have won one of the largest medical malpractice verdicts in the history of California with a verdict of $74,525,000 for the plaintiff. The verdict aids the family of a child who now suffers cerebral palsy after suffering serious birth injuries at the Sierra Vista Regional Medical Center in 2009.

While the plaintiffs did not wish to seek a lawsuit originally for this San Luis Obispo brain injury, the responsible doctor and hospital refused to provide any answers, compensation, or apologies for what they had done. The now-three-year-old child suffered brain trauma when being born after an over four hour second-stage of labor and prolonged pushing and crowning. The obstetrician responsible for the birth acted negligently in several instances, including not assessing contractions for 30 minutes, not performing an episiotomy, not attempting to vacuum, and not using forceps to assist in delivery.

After the delivery, hospital staff did not properly intubate or ventilate the child and disposed of the baby’s cord blood, which can prove that there was brain damage during the delivery. Additionally, it was proven that evidence was destroyed and medical records were falsified to cover up the errors that occurred during the birth.

The verdict is believed to be the first medical malpractice jury verdict against a doctor in San Luis Obispo in more than 20 years. While the defendants originally offered no compensation to the plaintiffs for their losses, and later offered a $2 million settlement, the $74,525,000 verdict will pay for future medical expenses for the injured child throughout her life, past damages, and future non-economic damages, as well as pain and suffering experienced by the child’s parents due to the incident.

Medical malpractice, especially incidents that cause birth injuries, can result in lifelong, serious disabilities for victims. Often, these injuries require extensive and prolonged medical care which results in enormous expenses for a family. At Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, our dedicated San Luis Obispo medical malpractice attorneys have years of success and are determined to help victims deal with their injuries and losses to the best of their abilities without suffering economic damages caused by another’s negligence. For more information on how we can aid you in your case, call us today at 213-514-8332.

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