CZR Takes Part in “Food from the Bar” Food Drive for L.A. County

At Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, we understand that protecting Los Angeles County residents goes beyond representing victims in personal injury cases and that many families suffer every day from not having enough food. As such, our law firm is participating in the L.A. County food drive “Food from the Bar 2012” throughout the month of May to help those who do not have the resources to properly feed themselves and those that depend on them.

CZR Takes Part in Food from the Bar Food Drive for L.A. County

Individuals who participate in the food drive help to raise funds to support L.A. families, collect food and other supplies, and donate time at the Food Bank to help the organization send out to those in need. Summer is an especially difficult time for struggling families as children are out of school and are not receiving a regular supply of food as they would normally get from the school they attend. Food from the Bar helps to raise additional supplies and funds to help families receive the food they need as they struggle to make ends meet.

This year, Food from the Bar looks to raise $375,000, receive 15,000 pounds of food, and help the Food Bank with 450 shifts from volunteers. Participating law firms have food donation boxes at their locations to collect food from anyone willing to lend a hand, with the Food Bank coming and collecting the food whenever needed, and each member can volunteer his or her time and donate funds as they see fit.

The Los Angeles Food Bank distributes approximately 60 million pounds of food and product every year, with the majority of recipients being young children and the elderly. Without the generous contributions from food drive members and other charitable organizations, distributing food to the needy would be much more difficult and could not reach as many people.

The Los Angeles personal injury lawyers at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley understand that there are those who go without nourishment they need every day in Los Angeles County. Generous organizations like the Food Bank strive daily to make the lives of these individuals better and our legal team is proud to be a part of the ongoing efforts to help the needy throughout Los Angeles. For information on how we can help you in your legal case, call us at 213-514-8332.

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