CZR Makes Donation to L.A. Food Bank

In honor of Thanksgiving, the law firm of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley has made a generous donation to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, with the aim to help the poor and hungry not only this holiday, but for the months to come.

CZR Makes Donation to L.A. Food BankThe Los Angeles Regional Food Bank was founded in 1973 and aims to provide food for charitable organizations across the region. Today, the Food Bank provides food for 640 agencies that distribute to more than 1,000 sites. Sites that are aided by the Food Bank include battered women shelters, abandoned children homes, soup kitchens, AIDS hospices, food pantries, and senior centers.

In 2011, the Food Bank distributed 60 million pounds of food to more than 1 million people throughout Los Angeles County. With the help of donations from organizations, such as supermarkets, wholesalers, food manufacturers, and non-food-related organizations across southern California, the Food Bank is committed to fulfilling its mission that no one goes hungry in Los Angeles County.

CZR is committed to helping residents of southern California, not only in the courtroom, but through charitable support. During the month of May, CZR helped to raise donations for the L.A. County Food Drive “Food from the Bar 2012,” which was also organized by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Last year for Thanksgiving, our law firm also helped with The Midnight Mission, which provides shelter, job training, education, and a chance for recovery for the homeless throughout Los Angeles.

The personal injury law firm of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley has been helping those in need both in and out of the courtroom for years. To learn more about how we can help you, call 213-514-8332 today.

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