CZR Contributes to UCLA’s Imagination Workshop

Los Angeles Imagination WorkshopThe Los Angeles law firm of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley recently made a donation to the Imagination Workshop, a non-profit dramatic arts organization at UCLA that provides mentally ill and at-risk individuals with the therapeutic benefits of theatre and poetry.

The Imagination Workshop combines the transformative power of writing, directing, and acting in plays with the healing guidance of traditional therapy. Participants, such as senior citizens, homeless veterans, at-risk youths, and the mentally ill, find a creative outlet that allows them to heal and communicate their feelings in a new way with the help of specially trained actors and theatre artists.

Actress Margaret Ladd and writer Lyle Kessler started the Imagination Workshop in 1969 to give individuals who may otherwise be overlooked the opportunity to experience the positive, empowering environment that the theatre arts offers. “We give them the mask of a character which soothes and protects the injured self behind which, as it heals itself, begins to share its lovely yearnings,” explains Ladd.

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