CPSC Bans Buckyballs due to Deadly Ingestion Hazard

After multiple incidents of children being severely injured due to ingesting the products, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has banned the sale of Buckyballs, as reported by Reuters. The product consists of small round magnets that are very powerful and used to create shapes and different designs when stacked together.

Unfortunately, the small size of the magnets has led to many child injury accidents over the years due to children swallowing them and suffering serious internal injuries. Rather than posing a choking hazard, most injuries caused by Buckyballs are due to the products magnetically attaching to one another when multiple have been swallowed.

Because the magnets are so powerfully attracted to one another, once ingested, they can pinch or trap the intestines and stomach, with one previous incident involving the perforation of a four-year-old’s intestines. Many of these incidents require surgery to fix. Although the CPSC issued a warning concerning the products in November 2011, incidents have continued to occur. As such, the agency has issued its first stop-sale order in 11 years.

The makers of Buckyballs, Maxfield and Oberton, must cease importation and distribution of the product and issue refunds as well as alert retailers to stop selling the toys. The manufacturers have vowed to fight the action taken by the CPSC.

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