Company Fined for Kern County Poisonous Gas Fatalities of Two Brothers

Compost and recycling company Community Recycling & Resource Recovery has received a fine of over $166,000 for the deaths of two workers at a Kern County facility. In a Los Angeles Times report, the chief of the state Division of Occupational Safety and Health stated that the young workers’ deaths were “completely preventable.” Their deaths were caused by exposure to poisonous gas while working in a drainpipe to clear a blockage.

The two workers, who were brothers, were a 16-year-old employee who had false work papers saying he was 30 and a 22-year-old contractor. California’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (Cal/OSHA) has made a referral to the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement for feasible child labor law violations in which an investigation is ongoing.

The compost and recycling company was fined for failing to give workers adequate training, failing to test for hazardous levels of gas, and failing to have effective rescue protocol. The two brothers were not provided appropriate protection while they were cleaning the underground storm drain system at the company’s Kern County facility. Even though hydrogen sulfide is a typical byproduct of composting, the company did not test for potentially dangerous levels of gas. Cal/OSHA is still examining the workplace accident to determine whether prosecution should be conducted for criminal negligence.

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