CDC Asked to Reduce the Limit for Diagnosing Child Lead Poisoning

CDC Asked to Reduce the Limit Lead PoisoningThe Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been asked by a federal advisory committee to reduce the threshold for diagnosing lead poisoning among kids. A New York Times story reports that this is the first proposal of its kind in 20 years. As such, hundreds of thousands more children are expected to meet the standard for lead poisoning.

Lowering the standard of lead poisoning has the potential to affect many things. First of all, since property owners are in charge of premises’ conditions to ensure a safe environment, a heightened responsibility will be in place. Secondly, local agencies may have to work hard to find funding for advanced and additional prevention, screening, and follow-up for child lead poisoning. Another major likely change is that overall, more children will be screened for lead poisoning since cities and communities typically base whether to screen all children, as recommended by the CDC, or put into action other prevention methods, on the amount of local children who have been diagnosed with lead poisoning.

The recommendation makes sense considering that an estimated 250,000 children suffer from lead poisoning in the U.S. today and the goal is to spread awareness about and prevent child injury and poisoning. By lowering the blood level required for the official diagnosis from 10 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood to 5, this number is expected to jump drastically. Lead poisoning can cause damage to developing brains, kidneys, and various other organs, and can also lead to cognitive and other physiological harm that is permanent.

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