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Bus Accident

8 Killed in Big Bear Area Bus Crash

- Paul Zuckerman

bus tour 4219733 300x199 8 Killed in Big Bear Area Bus CrashA tour bus travelling on California Route 38 from the Big Bear area was involved in a major crash on the night of February 3, leading to the deaths of eight people and injuring more than 30 others. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, the bus apparently lost control while heading down a narrow mountain road.

Investigating officials from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) have revealed that the bus had originally come from Tijuana and was headed back to the area when the crash occurred. After losing control, the bus rolled over at least once and hit a truck and a sedan. In total, there were 38 passengers onboard the bus at the time of the fatal crash.

The rollover crash caused multiple passengers to be ejected from the bus and trapped others inside the wrecked bus for hours. It is believed that all of the deceased victims came from the bus. Investigation has revealed that the bus had been cited repeatedly during the last several months due to poor maintenance, including a faulty axle and brakes and problems with its wheel fasteners.

Statements from passengers and the bus driver said that the vehicle was experiencing mechanical problems when the accident occurred. The bus is from Scapadas Magica from National City and the trip was organized by InterBus Tours.

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32 Injured after Bus and Train Collide in Downtown L.A.

- Paul Zuckerman

A Metro Blue line train and a Line 51 bus headed for South L.A. collided on August 27 in downtown Los Angeles, injuring approximately 32 people. While no one was critically injured, many complained of back and knee pain, sending them to various Los Angeles hospitals, according to The Huffington Post.

While investigation of the crash is still continuing, authorities have stated that the accident occurred when the southbound train clipped the back of the bus at the San Pedro Street and Washington Boulevard intersection at 6:56 am. The standing-room-only bus held 50 passengers and was sent spinning by the collision, impacting and knocking over a nearby light pole.

The crash caused major damage to the bus, but the train did not derail. This accident is the third Metro train collision to occur in 2012 in downtown L.A., with the other two involving an Expo train striking a sedan and a Blue Line train colliding with a police cruiser. This crash resulted in more injuries than both of those accidents combined.

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New Details Emerge about Fatal Yucaipa Bus Crash

- Paul Zuckerman

Continued investigations in the fatal Yucaipa bus accident that occurred on the night of February 3, have found new details concerning the tour bus company tied to the crash. As reported by The Los Angeles Times, the tour agency, InterBus Tours and Charters, shut down the day after the accident, but not before it sent another bus out to Knott’s Berry Farm with 30 passengers.

The crash occurred when the bus, which was owned by Scapadas Magicas of National City, lost control while travelling down a mountain road from Big Bear Lake. The bus rolled over and collided with two other vehicles. Passengers not wearing restraints were thrown out of the bus, which crushed a pickup truck and finally came to rest atop a boulder alongside California Highway 38. Currently, the death toll stands at seven people, with dozens more injured.

Investigators believe that a problem with the brakes caused the bus to speed out of control down the highway. The bus had been cited for numerous safety issues in the recent past, including a damaged windshield, lack of fire extinguisher, faulty axle and brakes, and loose or missing wheel fasteners.

interBus1 300x54 New Details Emerge about Fatal Yucaipa Bus CrashInterBus Tours and Charters, which operates out of a strip mall in Tijuana, had been open for one year prior to the accident, and offered daily trips to many different destinations throughout southern California. Spokespeople for the company have stated that they had never had a problem with any of the independently-owned bus operators that they have used for trips through business contracts.

However, Scapadas Magicas was placed on a federal watch list, which flagged its buses for an increase in roadside inspections. Within the last two years, 59 maintenance violations were found concerning the company’s buses, including bald tires, defective or missing axle parts, and insufficient brake linings.

InterBus has stated that they will be paying for all burial expenses. However, in any case where a company’s insurance offers victims compensation, it is important to remember that the damages after the death of a loved one are far more than just funeral expenses. Before accepting any type of settlement from an insurance company, be sure to speak to an experienced attorney.

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Speeding Tow Truck Collides with LA Metro Bus, 1 Dead, 2 Injured

- Paul Zuckerman

policecar12267621 300x225 Speeding Tow Truck Collides with LA Metro Bus, 1 Dead, 2 InjuredAccording to the Los Angeles Fire Department, a bus driver was fatally injured after a tow truck crashed head-on into the Metro bus at 5:15am in downtown Los Angeles.

Eye-witness testimony and video footage of the bus accident reveal that the tow truck driver sped through a red light as the bus was attempting to make a left-hand turn at the intersection. The truck also knocked out a fire hydrant and then crashed into a 7-Eleven convenience store, causing minor injuries to a store employee.

The 47-year-old bus driver was the only occupant of the bus at the time. She was taken to the USC Medical Center in critical condition, where she later died.

It is estimated that the 43-year-old tow truck driver was traveling at 60mph, about twice the speed limit for that area. He was also taken to the USC Medical Center where he was listed in grave condition.

According to authorities, the tow truck driver did not have a valid driver’s license.

The tragic consequences of a driver’s careless or reckless decisions can be devastating and long-lasting. All drivers are responsible for obeying traffic laws, such as posted speed limits and traffic signals. When a truck is involved in an accident, the trucking company may also be responsible for allowing a driver behind the wheel without a valid driver’s license.

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Texas School Bus Accident Involving Tractor-Trailer Injures 29 Children, 3 Others

- Paul Zuckerman

school bus crash in Texas on January 17 took place around 7:30 a.m. when a tractor-trailer hardware truck reportedly ran a stop sign. A Huffington Post article states that as a result of the truck clipping the school bus, the bus was flipped onto its side. The bus was transporting approximately 38 students from all grade levels and was heading to the first of three school locations to drop students off.Bus Accident Lawyer

Police reported that a nine-year-old boy was ejected through the school bus roof’s escape hatch and the bus driver was knocked unconscious in the accident. Two other adults, including the truck driver were injured. Three of the 29 kids injured were admitted to a local hospital and 26 of the children were discharged after receiving treatment. One child is in critical condition but is expected to survive.

Bus accidents, especially school bus accidents, are a major concern throughout the United States due to the significant amount of people who often suffer injuries as a consequence. In addition, buses do not typically contain the same safety restraints as other vehicles, putting passengers at risk of injury or death. Based on data provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), there were 9,000 bus injury collisions in 2009 with 20,000 individuals injured overall. These numbers, although high, are lower than the 11,000 bus injury collisions in 2008 with 24,000 individuals injured overall.

At Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, our San Diego bus accident lawyers are familiar with the complexities of bus crash litigation, as multiple liable parties may be involved in which proving fault requires proper evidence and effective legal strategies. Bus drivers and the companies that employ them are responsible for vehicle maintenance and following all safety rules and regulations. If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus crash, our attorneys can help you hold negligent parties legally responsible and obtain the compensation you deserve. For a free consultation, call 213-514-8332 today.