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Paul Zuckerman Speaks at Beverly Hills Bar Association

- Paul Zuckerman

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The Beverly Hills Bar Association has selected Los Angeles attorney Paul S. Zuckerman to present an educational seminar on Feb. 3rd, 2015.

Litigating Advanced Slip/Trip & Fall Cases” is an interactive course tailored to the advanced personal injury practitioner who wants to learn about recent developments and strategies to win premises liability cases.

Recognizing that slip/trip and fall cases can be lost before they are filed, this class begins with an overview of how to improve your case pre-litigation. Scene preservation – including the right to inspect public facilities, pre-litigation without notice – is discussed.

The course further addresses the trivial defect doctrine, the case law surrounding the doctrine, and ways in which a plaintiffs’ lawyers seek to avoid application of the doctrine. The presentation also includes discussion of the law surrounding public entity liability, especially sidewalk cases and dangerous conditions of public property.

The course next addresses the science of slip testing, the watershed USC study, and the attack the floor strategy that allows plaintiffs to prevail even when it appears that the defendant lacked any notice of the defect.

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About the Beverly Hills Bar Association: 

The Beverly Hills Bar Association (BHBA) was founded in 1931 to advocate for justice in the community and to assist its lawyer members reach and exceed the highest levels of legal skills and ethics.

Today, this revered institution has over 5,600 members practicing in all areas of the law and throughout the Los Angeles region, who share a commitment to professional excellence and service. It is the largest voluntary bar association in the State (that is not a county bar association), and the fifth largest metropolitan bar association in California.

For more than eight decades, BHBA lawyers have enjoyed the sense of solidarity with their distinguished peers that membership brings; the sense of accomplishment that professional advancement produces; and the sense of selflessness that public service engenders.

They participate in the work of the Association through its Sections, Committees, task forces, and the Barristers. And they find plenty of time for networking and socializing at our many parties and events.

Partner Robert J. Ounjian Elected to CAALA Board of Governors

- Paul Zuckerman



Los Angeles attorney Robert J. Ounjian has been selected by the Consumer Attorney Association Board of Governors to join the CAALA’s board. Attorney Ounjian was selected for this prestigious position due to his trial skills, leadership, winning record, and work on behalf of consumers.

The Consumer Attorneys of Los Angeles is the nation’s largest local association of plaintiffs’ attorneys.  Consumer Attorneys protect people from unsafe products, unsafe medicine, unfair business practices and unscrupulous, negligent corporate conduct.  Through education and training, Consumer Attorneys subscribe to the highest standards of quality legal representation and ethical conduct.  As attorneys who solely represent the interests of consumers, our association is a powerful advocate for victim’s rights and equal access to justice.

CAALA is governed by a Board of Governors. There are 25 elected and 11 at-large appointed board members, plus CAALA’s five elected officers and the president, who are also board members. Any individual who has served as a governor for ten consecutive years is honored with the lifetime status and title of governor emeritus. CAALA members in good standing for two years are eligible for election or appointment as governors.

Partner Nicholas C. Rowley Published in Trial Guides

- Paul Zuckerman

Trial Guides, a leading legal media company, selected SoCal lawyer Nicholas C. Rowley to share his advice on settlement tips.

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Effective Settlement Tips from Nick Rowley
At Trial Guides, we asked our authors how the strategies in their trial books can help you, our readers, increase your settlement offers. We believe this is important because one of the largest plaintiff firms in the country noted a doubling of their settlement offers when they started requiring their lawyers to go to trial every year.
So, as we enter 2015, we wanted to give you one of our favorite responses to this question. Trial Guides author Nicholas Rowley is a 37-year-old lawyer with nearly 100 trials to his credit. Nick has compiled an amazing trial history during his brief career, with verdicts of $74.5 million, $38.6 million, $31.6 million, $17 million, $13.8 million, and more. The following settlement tips come from our recent interview with Nick about how his book, Trial by Human, is a must read for lawyers who settle most of their cases.

Trial Guides brings cutting edge trial strategies by the nation’s leading trial lawyers, jury consultants and experts to trial lawyers throughout America.

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CZ&R Wins $900,000 Verdict against L.A. Sheriff’s Department

- Paul Zuckerman

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A man who was punched in the face by a Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy in a Maywood parking lot was awarded $900,000 by a federal jury on Thursday, Dec. 11th, 2014.

Eduardo Cervantes was sitting in his car outside a billiards hall playing with his new cell phone when two sheriff’s deputies approached him around noon on Nov. 23, 2010.
According to Cervantes’ civil complaint, Deputy Paul Cruz ordered him to get out of the car and became angry when Cervantes asked what the reason was.

Cervantes, who wears a prosthesis on his right leg, said he complied with commands to face his vehicle and put his hands behind him. But at that point, he said, Cruz’s partner, Deputy Victor Cisneros, punched him, and both deputies then knocked him backward.
The deputies claimed they were trying to cite Cervantes for having tinted windows on his car when Cervantes began to struggle with them — threatening to spit on them — and that he struck his head on the pavement when he fell, according to the complaint.

Cervantes was charged with resisting arrest, but the charge was later dropped.

Cervantes, who formerly worked as a bounty hunter, suffered headaches for several years and still has floaters in his eye from the incident, said one of his attorneys, Kevin Conlogue, attorney at Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP.

“He got beat up by some bad cops, and he finally got some vindication,” Conlogue said.

The jury decided that Cisneros, but not Cruz, used unreasonable force and that Cervantes’ arrest was unjustified.The $900,000 award covers physical and emotional pain and suffering, Conlogue said. The jury declined to award punitive damages.

Jonathan McCaverty, principal deputy county counsel, said the county was deciding whether to appeal the verdict, but he had no further comment.Cisneros still works as a deputy, while Cruz is no longer with the department, said a sheriff’s spokeswoman.


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Paul Zuckerman, Robert Ounjian & Nick Rowley at the CAOC Convention

- Paul Zuckerman

Consumer Attorneys of California will host it’s 53rd annual convention this week in San Francisco. As with years past, an all star line up of the best attorneys throughout the state of California have been chosen to participate the convention programming as experts on a variety of educational topics.

Firm partners Paul Zuckerman, Nick Rowley, and Robert Ounjian have been called upon to share their knowledge with CAOC members.

Click here to check out the schedule for the upcoming CAOC Convention.