Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley LLP Obtains $2,250,000 Verdict for Disputed Auto Accident Liability Case

California personal injury lawyers Nicholas C. Rowley and Candice S. Klein of Carpenter, Zuckerman & Rowley, LLP worked with attorney Jerry L. Webb to obtain a $2,250,000 jury verdict on behalf of a 57-year-old man who suffered serious injuries in a rear-end auto crash involving a SCS Energy Company Ford 250 Super Duty truck. As a consequence of the crash, the Plaintiff experienced chronic pain from a misdiagnosed compression fracture in the superior end plate of his L1 vertebrae.

The complexity of the case was compounded by the fact that liability for the case was divided between the driver of the Super Duty truck and Pep Boys. Even though it was determined that the Defendant driver struck the plaintiff’s vehicle from behind, the Defendant blamed Pep Boys for the collision, claiming that he experienced brake failure after having his front brake pads replaced at Pep boys the day before.

A so-called “blame game” between Pep Boys and the driver lasted for four years in which the insurance company for the driver refused to provide any money to settle the case. SCS Engineering’s refusal to provide an offer stemmed from a cross-complaint against Pep Boys claiming that the hole in the brake fluid reservoir was caused by those who worked on the brakes. Meanwhile, Pep Boys blamed the driver, claiming that it wasn’t possible for the hole to have been created before the collision and that it was most likely created at the scene of the collision.

At the end of the liability phase of trial, with the assistance of Mr. Rowley, Ms. Klein, and Mr. Webb, the Plaintiff settled with Pep Boys and made a motion for directed verdict on the cross-complaint in addition to Pep Boys’ good faith settlement motion to the Plaintiff in the amount of $250,000.00. After the case moved on to verdict on liability against the SCS Defendants, the jury decided on a 12-0 ruling against SCS and its driver based on negligence and substantial factor.

The damages phase of the trial determined that the rear-end crash and the landing of the Plaintiff’s car onto the freeway access road caused the Plaintiff to suffer an L1 vertebrae fracture and subsequent chronic pain. It was established that the Plaintiff would receive compensation for reasonable and necessary medical expenses amounting to $140,000, which included several injections for pain, numerous doctor visits, and physical therapy. In addition, a directed $2,000,000 verdict and judgment on non-economic damages was provided to the Plaintiff.

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